What's with the "Rapier" Superlite or Superlite "Rapier"?

There is some confusion on the web about this, with many sites referring to Superlite SL-Cs as "Rapiers" or "Rapier Superlites" or any number of variants on that theme.

The so-called "Rapier" cars were actually two semi-turnkey Superlite SL-Cs that Superlite built for a company that wanted to sell complete SL-Cs. That company badged the cars as Rapiers, and they were very good at marketing.  So good, in fact, that the confusion still exists today.  

The company didn't last, however, and after the first two, there were no more rebadged SL-Cs masquerading as Rapiers.

Production Details

In terms of production, there were two Rapiers, one black with a black interior, and one red with a camel/cream interior.  Both were done to a very high standard, and both had Ricardo transaxles.  One was powered by an LS3, the other by an LS7.  Both cars had the "race tail", and a wing, as the street tail hadn't been introduced when the cars were being built.  At the time, they were among the best-finished SL-Cs extant, as much effort was put  into their interiors, as well as custom badging and some custom features that never made it into regular Superlite SL-C production.  One example of this was a billet chassis brace, with carbon fiber inserts.  The cars also had bespoke "Rapier" badging, and one had (for a time) electric doors.

Here are a couple of shots of the two Rapier cars.

Both cars now reside with private owners.