The Brembo GT series brakes available for track day and race SL-Cs are completely different from the stock Camaro SS-based brakes included in the kit by default, though they are both made by the same company.   Although the manufacturer is the same, these brakes are a significant upgrade from the standard brakes. They have a different caliper architecture, and different rotors.

The optional package includes large 6-piston calipers for the front (and 4-piston for the rear), two-piece rotors and hats, and appropriate brake lines. 

The GT brakes are made for fast track day cars, and are often part of brake upgrades for certain production cars as part of a "big brake" kit.  Here is a rear Brembo GT brake 


Technical Details

Here's what Brembo has to say about the GT series brakes:

"Braking systems consisting of motorsports-derived components offering levels of technology and performance without par on the market today and embodying the purest expression of Brembo's state-of-the-art technology.
The kit consists of aluminium calipers with opposed pistons which, depending on the car model and in increasing order of performance, may be composite, monoblock or even billet monoblock components, combined with cross-drilled or slotted integral or composite oversized discs.
Brembo kits combine the best solutions available to offer the perfect solution for the individual characteristics of each model.
The heart of the kit consists of aluminium calipers. These are also available as monoblock parts machined from a single billet of cast aluminium, which ensure outstanding rigidity and minimised deformation. The discs supplied in the kit, which may either be floating or integral, depending on the specific car model, feature an exclusive venting system that improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock by over 40%.
Cross-drilled and slotted finishes are designed and executed with meticulous precision. These holes or slots in the braking surface help dissipate heat and eliminate brake dust and gases.
A set of high-performance brake pads with specific friction materials for each application, TÃœV/DOT homologated metal-braided hoses, an adapter and high-quality fastener hardware complete the kit.

More braking torque and thermal capacity on the track.
Using radial-mounted fixed calipers together with oversized discs gives the system greater braking torque and superior thermal capacity. The result is a braking action that is noticeably more immediate and decisive even in normal road usage, and is extraordinarily powerful and consistent under the repeated loads of track use. Fixed calipers improve the durability and efficiency of the system: the opposed multiple pistons act on the pads with more precision, due to the smaller piston diameter and the reduced pressure exerted on each individual piston, while the greater overall surface area between the pads and pistons results in more uniform friction surface wear. The superlative stiffness of the calipers and the metal braided hoses reduce brake fluid absorption. The result is improved, more stable brake pedal pressure, making it possible to modulate braking force more precisely and enhancing pedal feel. Featuring a hat in aluminium alloy, the oversized floating disc system reduces unsprung mass (for improved handling) and thermal stress. The mounting system is engineered to permit a greater degree of both radial and axial float. This characteristic, together with the greater dimensions of the braking rotor surface, improves the dispersion of the heat generated by the repeated, intense thermal stress that the discs are subjected to, for consistent braking performance and pedal feel even after numerous laps on the track."

The brake package from Superlite also includes the necessary caliper adapters, and different uprights where necessary.

These are a popular upgrade for many much heavier cars, and as such, represent a great choice for track or very fast street cars.


The Brembo calipers have a wide range of pads available for different purposes.  Hawk in particular makes pads in their complete friction material range.