Flocking is the process by which very small fibers are glued to a substrate to create a sort of velvet effect.  It's easy to do, and can be used in several ways in the SL-C.  Typically, a suede or velvet kind of finish is available, in a wide range of colors.  You've probably seen flocking in the interior of some automotive storage cubbies- it's a soft, velvet-like finish.

How to do it

Generally, you prepare the surface by sanding, remove all dust, wax and other contaminants, and spray the special adhesive on the surface.  After waiting for the specified time, flood the surface with flocking material until rejection.  Let the product dry, and you are finished.  Unused material can be saved and reused.

Types of flocking materials has two different kinds of materials, one of which delivers a sort of suede-like finish, compared to the original velvet style of finish.  They are both available in a wide range of colors.

There are also prefinished fabrics that have a flocked type of finish.  These are probably not well suited for automotive use in most cases.

So where would I use flocking?

The dash is a likely place, as flocking can yield a soft but remarkably tough finish.  A flocked dash has a good "hand", and if cared for, will last a long time.  Other pieces like the console, roof panel and any interior storage areas are likely candidates.


The best place to buy flocking supplies is at, probably the best DIY source for small orders.  eBay often has materials as well from other suppliers.