Wheel Tub Kit

The wheel tub kit is optional. It will help prevent rocks thrown by your tires creating spiders. It will also give the interior of your clip an OEM look when it's open.

The picture below shows a complete kit, for both the front and rear fenders.

The long flat pieces in the upper left are mounted on the inside of the rear of the car, and the lower left pair with the corrugated pattern mount in the rear, just ahead of the rear tires.  The upper left pieces mount to the top of the tail, and were designed for the race tail.  They need to be trimmed for fitment on the street tail.  Mike Fling has a template he can provide for street tail owners who want it.  Contact any of the Key Contributors  to have them forward the request to Mike. If you don't want to do that, a tip from the same builder is to use 3/16" or 1/4" thick foam board (available at all hobby and craft stores) to make templates for the cutouts that are normally needed in the panels. Here's what he says:

"Before cutting wheel well liners I would encourage you to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a couple of sheets of foam board (they are only a few bucks each). Trace and cut the outline provided on the foam board. Place it in the car and see if it conforms properly for you. I have seen significant variations in placement of cutouts. The templates can be a good starting point. Cut away the foam board where needed, and add with duct tape where needed. Once the shape is finalized by cutting/adding, cut it out again with foam board to verify final shape/fit. Once you have the foam board the way you want it, use that as an outline on the fiberglass.... Cut away. Secure the fiberglass cut outs in place with sheetrock screws and then panel-bond them in place. Be sure to roughen the surface with an orbital before applying panel bond."

The two center pieces with the oval indent are to protect the headlights, and mount in front of the front tires.  Just below them and to the right are pieces that mount to the front clam.

The two large pieces to the right in the picture are the upper rear mounts, which are mounted to the top of the rear clam.  

These parts will usually require some trimming, so don't be afraid to do what is needed to fit them.  The kit comes only with the parts, and you will have to provide the bonding agents or other fastening parts as needed. One of the preferred bonding materials is 3M 08115 used in conjunction with a 3M application gun. While not cheap, both have been on Amazon for less than $100.

Discussion thread here. Below is a picture from Ken's build.