The following people in the SL-C community have contributed significantly to the wiki. If we missed someone, let us know. If you want to get on the board, create some content!

Hall of Fame

Name  Contribution
Will Campbell Generated the majority of the content in the wiki. Edited the rest.
Scott Swartz Funded the wiki tool, handles the tech, created some content, edited a lot.
Allan Uzwiak Created the great SL-C build videos on YouTube, most of which are indexed here.

Gold Level

Name  Contribution
Peter Vincent Great article on linear actuator-operated doors and clams.
Wayne Marov Did all the research and experimentation necessary to create sound deadening article.
Doc Kaler Created the seat selection spreadsheet.
Tim Trampedach Created a couple of tech tips, and a transmission gearing spreadsheet!
Ken Roberts Article on setting Tilton brake bias here.