The SL-C was designed to be built in your garage, using basic hand tools.  Contrary to what some builders think, you don't need to do any welding, or machining, or have fancy tools.  And the factory is constantly improving the SL-C and its available options to make it even easier to complete a car.  

While every builder customizes their car, some have taken it to extreme lengths.  As you read the build logs below, keep in mind that builders have a wide range of build objectives, interests, skills and budgets.  Some builder hindsight can be found here.  A "major problem" for one builder may be not an issue to many others.  Please keep that in mind, and remember that the basic car is, by kit car standards, very easy to build, as long as you stay true to a factory build as described in the build manual.  Going off the reservation may sometimes yield great results, but it will almost always take more time, and more money.  If you are building the car for the enjoyment of the build- and many builders are all about the build process- then go ahead with changes.  But if you are building an SL-C to enjoy driving it, consider the effects of straying from the recommendations in the build manual.  It is always simpler and cheaper, and most of all, faster, to travel the path trod by many other builders.

The SL-C provides an excellent platform for anything from a 'standard' to a 'showcase' build.  The choice is yours and your man card is safe with what ever path you choose.

The following build threads provide an excellent source of information so long as you keep in mind that may of that much of what is discussed covers optional enhancements, the SL-C has evolved and not everything you read on the Internet is accurate.  Most build logs seem to be from builders for whom the car is an entirely new experience, and thus should be read in that context.  A lot of the experienced builders just get on with it, and don't ask a lot of questions since much of what they are doing is obvious to them.   Read with discernment, and enjoy the build!  

Most of the build logs can be found on The SL-C Clubhouse on GT40s.com.  The list below highlights some of the more active builder threads.

Build Threads

Build Thread  Highlights 
Mesa #1, street car, custom tail is 6" wider than stock, 16W x 20D wheels and 15.5W x 28.5D tires, custom roof scoop, custom fiberglass ducts under dash, custom front trunk,  supercharged LS7 race block, probably the most extreme body changes so far in any SL-C.
Eric M  Street car, LS3, great thread with lots of detail for a basic car. Also has a YouTube page with more than 30 useful videos- check it out!
Yos  Street car, LS9, race tail, customized diffuser with cool exhaust, gold foil chassis .
Rumbles  Street car, LS3, G50, hippo mirrors, side radiator, extremely clean build with hidden wiring and plumbing, tablet integration, great interior.
Grant  Street car, Maradyne fans, slick AC install, Setrab oil coolers with custom brackets, self-made steering wheel, LS7 manifolds, Hush Power mufflers from Flow Master, self-built seats, slick speaker set up.
Ricardo  #53, Street car,  LS7, Jenvey ITB, around 700 HP, Ricardo transaxle, elaborate paint and great interior.
Ken  Street car, Ricardo transaxle, custom steering wheel with horn button, Swagelok fittings, in-tank fuel bucket, wheel tub kit, Tillet B5 seats, custom side mirrors, firewall window, 'Corvette' filler assembly, dash with C6 Corvette cluster, Canada build to meet stringent regulations in Ken's province.
Doc #28, Track car, Modified LS7, racing roll cage, gold Mylar foil, fuel cell.
Howard Jones  #24, Track car, Custom 355 Gen 1 Chevy small block, G50, track car, lots of pictures, welded stainless cooling lines, modified gas tank, custom dashboard, custom wing setup, side scoop modification, tow hook, custom rear tire well shield.
Zoey's Very comprehensive blog from an inexperienced builder.  It shows how even someone who hasn't done of lot of car-related work before can actually do a pretty good job on the car.
Allan's  #50.  Street car, not much detail in the build log, but incredible detail in the videos he has produced.  Certainly the most experienced SL-C builder, with many cars either completely or partially (to assist the owners) built.
Dean's  Track car only, nice build log with lots of detail.  LS3 and Porsche transaxle. Experienced builder.
Jay Interesting Canadian build.  Jay's province isn't so persnickety as some, and his build went pretty fast. 
Cam  Street car, basic build, lots of street miles.
Tim The first all-Porsche drivetrain. 
Troy A flat-crank LS engine for very high RPM and a cool exhaust note. Or back to a Toyota/Lexus 1UZ?
Fling  Some nice options. 
Will Summary write up and pictures.

Stacey David's Gearz Build

Superlite SL-C gets built on Stacey David's Gearz! program on SPEED TV.

Epsiode Description 
S6 EP 3-1 It takes about six minutes before he introduces the SL-C, but he does put it in the super car category;-)
S6 EP 3-3 Aluminum semi-monocoque chassis, CNC control arms, brake lines, coolant tubes
S6 EP 4-1 Chassis, fuel tank, seats, pedals
S6 EP 4-2 Main body, front splitter, front clip
S6 EP 4-3 Rear clip, rear lights, rear window, doors
S6 EP 5-1 Build your own LS7 at the GM performance center
S6 EP 5-2 LS7 build continued
S6 EP 5-3 Drivetrain: Porsche transaxle from Gbox, limited slip, urethane motor mounts
S6 EP 11-4 Schwartz Performance twin turbo
S7 EP 13-1 Twin turbo (pistons, inter coolers, etc), dual tip exhaust, sound deadening

Allan's Video Build 

Allan has probably built more SL-Cs than anyone else.  His personal SL-C is a rolling test bed for changes on cars he builds for others.  Several SL-C owners have contracted with Allan to completely build, or partially build their cars.  He can be contacted at Zakari@aol.com

As a contribution to the SL-C community, Allan made the following video series and posted them on Youtube.  He is constantly adding new ones, so the best way to keep current is to subscribe to his channel to get updates as soon as new videos are uploaded.  The list below is just a start- new ones are being added, so search his channel for anything you may not see here.

Sequence  Mins.  Description 

6:47  Sound deadening 

1:47  Brake lines 

20:00  Brake lines 

10:39  Brake lines


2:17 Finished brake lines, start cooling 
6:15  Coolant tubes 
7 7:26  Flexible coolant tubes 
8  2:24  Foot box brakes lines 
9  16:08  Brake/clutch master cylinder 
10 1:59  Master cylinder reservoirs 


4:29  Fans 
12 5:04  Brake lines to calipers 
13 3:34  Front flex brake lines 


20:00  Fuel system 
15 10:47  Fuel system 


6:30  Fuel system AN lines 
17 6:45 Fuel system summary
18 2:06 Water temperature sensor and fuel level sender
19  5:47 Coolant expansion tank 
20  2:27 ISIS wiring system 
21  1:44 ISIS mega fuse 
22  7:22 ISIS Front master cell power cell 
23  4:55 ISIS rear power cell wiring 
24  6:44 ISIS front wiring 
25  3:03 LS engine harness 
26  8:51 LS engine harness wiring 
27  20:00 LS engine harness wiring 
28  13:45 LS engine harness wiring 
29  1:09 Oil sensor adapter plate 
30  0:49 Oil sensors 
31  1:51 Sensor wiring 
32 5:37 Speed sensor mounting DigiDash 
33  5:54 Dash DigiDash wiring 
34  6:02 Dash wiring 
35  10:05 Drive by wire adapter plate 
37 1:30 Adjustable pedal mounting
38 3:49 Master cylinder mounting
39 4:02 Exhaust
40 3:37 Exhaust
41 7:10 Doors
42 5:21 Doors
43 2:46 Doors
44 5:20 Doors
45 1:54 Doors
46 6:13 Doors
47 9:12 Doors
48 2:10 Door latches
49 0:54 Door latches
50 1:51 Outer door handles
51 1:58 Outer door handle mounting
52 1:45 Nose and tail hidden latches
53 3:47 Hidden latches
54 1:36 Gas filler neck
55 5:52 Body prep
56 1:46 Body prep sanding gel coat
57 4:06 Axles
58 1:12 Axles
59 2:26 Body prep
60 1:07 Body prep
61 0:51 Body prep
62 1:06 Body prep
63 2:59 Headlight cut outs
64 2:19 Headlight cut outs and light preparation
65 4:04 Gas cap cut out rear window install
66 2:37 Headlight mounts
67 2:38 Lens cover install
68 6:32 Emergency brake calipers
69 2:44 Emergency brake calipers
70 7:02 Tail light cut outs
71  11:23 Main body install
72  4:45 Main body install
73  1:00 True first start
74  2:49 Warming up
75  0:28 HP tuners view
76  0:45 First drive
77  0:26 First drive
78  4:22 Sanding the high-build primer
    79 appears to be missing
80  2:48 Upper bulkhead supports/seal
81  9:48 Interior install
82  4:16 Final sand
83  7:29 Sanding the clear coat
84  2:16 Sanding the clear coat 2
85  1:29 Undercoating the body
86  6:09 Buffing and polishing
87  1:27 Polished panels
88  4:09 Close out panels
89  9:14 Close out panels continued
90  10:48 Walk around, various components
91  1:23 Almost finished
Link 11:45 Door Actuator Part One
Link 13:39 Door Actuator Part Two