This section contains comments from builders on what, in hindsight, they would have done differently.

  • "I should have started with a more by-the-book build and added features later. Deviating from the standard added a lot of time and complexity. I could have been driving the car much earlier."
  • "I should have had all of the major compoents in place before I started plumbing things. I didn't purchase the engine until well into my build and the number of things that I had to rework was frustrating."
  • "Get all of your 'honey do' and other household items out of the way before your car shows up."
  • "I was planning on going with a gel coat finish. I spent a lot of time being extra careful and patching the gel coat as I went along. While the car looked good in gel coat, I ended up having it painted. I sure wish I didn't spend the effort trying to keep the gel coat perfect."
  • "I wish that I had less horepower" and there are just as many "I wish I had more" sentiments. 
  • "Think about all of the pieces you want powdercoated so you can get them all done at the same time. Much cheaper that way."