This wiki is intended to be a resource for builders of the Superlite SL-C.  It's entirely user developed, and user supported.  That means that you need to contribute if it is to keep growing, and continue to be useful. A list of key contributors can be found here.

Think of a book, and how the pages, and the words on it are fixed in time.  That's the opposite of how a wiki is supposed to work.  A wiki is a living, breathing thing, that needs to get regular nourishment in the form of user contributions.  So as you learn something about the SL-C as you build it, write up the idea, and send it to one of the editors.

If you have ideas to improve the car, the build process, or anything else related to the building of SL-Cs, we invite you to contribute them.  Some ideas are just ways to do some thing easier (like protect a panel while you work around it), or even ways to improve the car (improvements in the wiring harness, anyone?).  Who knows- if your idea is good enough, it may get picked up and implemented in the car in the future (that's entirely up to Superlite, of course!).  But if you don't share your ideas, no one else can benefit from them, and then the car building process can't improve as quickly, and the wiki becomes less and less useful.

Contributing to the Wiki

If you're interested in becoming an author, please contact one of the administrators below by PM'ing them on their GT40s account.  If you haven't registered there yet, you will want to, as it is the primary forum for the SL-C.

You can also email the adminstrators comments or content for them to upload on your behalf.

This wiki isn't a forum to vent about frustrations, only about solutions.  If you need to vent, talk to your dog, or seek professional help elsewhere- this just isn't the place. Posts that are impolite or lack the solution-oriented approach that this wiki supports will be edited, or deleted.  Again, be nice, just like your mother told you to be.  We all want to be friends here!

Wiki Ethics

The SL-C Builders Wiki functions best when its contributors consider the feelings of the community as a whole before making edits. That means careful consideration of the tone, as well as the facts in a wiki. Entries that are accusatory, in bad taste, or otherwise unsuitable will be removed, or edited to reach the level of civility required for this wiki.  The golden rule of writing or editing wikis is to ask if this would make the subject of the article uncomfortable, or if it doesn't have a factual basis. If so, it needs to be edited before you click "save". 

Entries that are factually incorrect, or misleading will be removed or edited. We all all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts. 

 Have fun, and contribute!

The Factory

This wiki, since it is entirely user created, isn't an official Superlite or RCR publication.  Please don't call or otherwise bother the Superlite factory and complain that something is wrong with your car, or that you are missing something because you read it on the wiki-- they aren't responsible for what is created here.  If you think there may be something wrong on the wiki, contact one of the editors, or if you are one, then correct it.

Copyrights, and the Legal Stuff

  • Copyrights Read this before you post an image to the wiki.  This wiki should only have images that you control and allow to be shared, or other images that are in the commons.  Please don't post images (or text) that you didn't create or have permission to publish.

  • Don't steal.  If you found something useful on this wiki, don't just copy and paste it and present it as your work- give credit to the wiki, and author, if noted.

  • Please don't take things from other sites and post it here without proper credit.