The SL-C has spawned a lot of videos on the web.  Some are just shots of SL-Cs in the wild, some are videos from race cars, and some are just street cars at car shows. Note that there are many build-related videos on the Build Threads page, including almost 100 build-related ones by Allan U.  Enjoy the list below, and add to it when you find new ones.

Duration  Description
46:27 Ryan Ellis wheels the factory Superlite SL-C to a dominating win in the Super Unlimted National Championship race, winning the championship and lapping most of the field. In the rain.
5:55  Mike Skeen: A few laps during an SCCA Regional at Thunderhill Raceway where we were testing a Superlite SL-C for the 2013 25hr. This car is powered by an LS3 with a Porsche transaxle. 
10:01 Ryan Ellis drives the 01 factory race SL-C at Autobahn Country Club in a NASA race weekend.  

The factory 01 SL-C runs on the dyno before the SCCA Charge of the headlight Brigade 13-hour enduro

7:04 Not really a race video, and sort of an advertisement for an Aussie company, but shows how they added double-adjustable Bilstein shocks to an SL-C to improve handling. Note that the overall suspension geometry remained stock- all that ended up being changed was the shocks (and maybe the spring rate?).
Duration  Description
Allan takes a drive in his SL-C in the fall.  You can hear the engine in the video, but it's still quiet enough to have a conversation.
1:08 Part 2 of Allan's Fall drive
24:17 Eric shows his first drive, and first autocross, along with a great discussion at the end.
2:17 A red SL-C at a car show starts and drives away.  Ace driver stalls the car and audience groans. :)  This car is now overseas.
3:14 The Detail Boss details a very early SL-C destined for Barrett-Jackson
5:15 Fran Hall from Superlite Cars discusses the SL-C, and some updates.
4:34 Superlite built 2 Rapier cars, and this is a video of one of them driving in FL.  
2:47 This is a budget build SL-C in Texas.  No paint, just gelcoat, and a minimal interior.  It gets a lot of attention, and the owner reports that it is fantastic on the track.
1.00:45 This is a video from Bill Phillips on how to build your kit car FAST- just "70 days from crate to cruise", as he puts it.  The video was made mostly about a car he built previous to his SL-C, but it is generally interesting and useful to SL-C builders as well.  A key takeaway is the value of planning the entire process, and getting it done!

Video of a tablet installation in an SL-C.  Very detailed as to how it was setup and installed.  From Bill Phillips.

48 This video discusses how to modify the SL-C door handle to use the integral locking capability.  Very simple and powerful mod for the SL-C.  From Bill Phillips.
5:20 An Aussie SL-C is featured on a local program called CarTorque TV. A pretty good video, and includes a few moments of it being driven by a pro driver on track.
1:00 Black Superlite SL-C (Actually one of the "Rapier" cars) at a Cars and Coffee event
11:32 Bill Phillips does a great walkaround of his show-winning SL-C