The SL-C is highly customizable.  The following are some of the general specifications

Exterior Dimensions    

These measurements are made with the car at the recommended ride height, and with no more than -1.5 degrees negative camber, front and rear.  Please note that many dimensions, even dimensions like wheelbase and track, can be slightly different, depending on alignment, equipment, and setup.  Therefore, your car may vary slightly; this is not a cause for concern, and is a normal condition.  Further it is possible for the car to be setup to have "lead", a condition where one side has a different wheelbase than the other.  This is common in some racing situations, and is one way to tune handling.  If you are trying to setup your car to be square, but the wheelbase varies slightly side to side, you can adjust the suspension as needed to get the setup you want.


Wheelbase  105 in. 
Length  168 in. 
Length with Wing varies; plan on at least 18" more length, depending on wing mount 
Height 43 in. 
Height with Doors Open 69 in. 
Overall width 74 in.
Track Width, Front  
Track Width, Rear  
Nose Clearance   
Nose Clearance with Lift Kit  
Approach Angle with Street Splitter  

Approach Angle with Track Splitter at Full Depth

Type Aluminum Semi-Monocoque
Material 6061 Aluminum 
Front Bulkhead 0.250 in. 
Rear Bulkhead 0.125 in.
Rear Tubes 2" x 2" Aluminum
Process Hand laid
Cloth Fiberglass, with Kevlar reinforcements in wheelwells
Resin Polyester
Thickness (Average) varies, but between 1/8" and 3/16"
Street Clip Weight  
Race Clip Weight  
Nose Clip Weight  
Type Whatever fits
SAE Net Horsepower @ RPM Use imagination
EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy Depends on above
Front, Stock 18X9 in.
Rear, Stock 19X12 in.
Front, Race Trim 18X11 in.
Rear, Race Trim 18X13 in.
Fuel Tank  
Capacity 19 gallons, plus surge tank