The SL-C will generally accept most any longitudinally mounted V8 engine or smaller, including the relatively new Ford Coyote 5.0 engine, and the new Chrysler Hemi crate engine series. In addition to the popular LS series engines from GM, some builders have used other GM engines. The venerable small-block Chevy is one choice, and one builder has put a 410 Sprint Car engine in the back of his SL-C, complete with Kinsler injection. A couple of builders are using a 3-rotor Mazda rotary engine, to be turbocharged. Porsche flat-6 engines will also work. One builder is using a 2004 Porsche GT3 drivetrain, including the G96/96 transmission.

Other interesting choices not yet seen include any Vee-configuration 6-cylinder, as from the Nissan 370 or GTR, or even a Subaru 4-cylinder drivetrain from the popular STi WRX. It is thought that the BMW V12 engine will fit, though it is quite heavy, as is the Mercedes V12. If you have put a different engine in your SL-C, please share the details here.

Engines that have been fitted to the SL-C include a Ferrari V12 from the 599, several Ferrari V8s, a Lamborghini V10 with twin turbos, an Audi R8 drivetrain, a Maserati V8, and others.

Before you select your engine, please consult the factory for implementation details, as some engine or transmission combos require chassis mods that are best made at the factory.  For example, as one might expect due the length of the engine, the Ferrari V12 engine requires a revised bulkhead and different mounting points.

What Doesn't Fit?

Engines known NOT to fit include the Viper V10 (too long, not to mention too heavy) and the Porsche Flat 12. The list of engines that won't fit in the SL-C is small, as the engine bay is both relatively long, and fairly wide. The car also has a relatively (for a car of its type) high deck space, and it is possible to fit a supercharger with an intercooled intake under the rear window in most cases. Engines that can't move the intake around to the rear of the car will have more difficulty fitting in the car, and some fabrication may need to be done