The G96 series transaxles are from the 996-series 911s.  

These are typically great choices for an SL-C, and can handle decent amounts of torque, especially if the torque is smooth, and the vehicle is not subjected to drag racing.

These are the transaxles that Superlite used on all the movie cars they built, so you know they can take abuse.


Like the venerable G50-series, these transaxles are widely available from local boneyards, specialty Porsche-specific wrecking yards, several different re-builder shops including GboxCalifornia Motorsports, and others.  

Recently, there have been remanufactured transaxles available from Porsche, at very favorable prices.  Essentially new transaxles, these can represent a great buy, as they are normally priced at under $5000.  Call the Superlite factory for updates on sources when you order your SLC- they can help you find a source for them.


The G96 series came mainly from the 996 series Porsche 911s, and as such, represent a value point between the weaker, early transaxles, and the stronger, more expensive G97 series.

Like the other Posrche transaxles, starters, clutches and flywheels are available to make these units work with the popular LS V8.

Superlite has adapters for this series of transaxle.


The G96 transaxles are generally more reliable (largely because they are newer) than the earlier G50 series, and tend not to have issues in the SL-C, when power levels are around 500 HP, and drag racing style starts are avoided.


Many different starters are available, both Porsche and aftermarket. Clutches, and flywheels are also easy to source, and can be targeted to many different levels of power.